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Check out our self help section for any advise you need on maintaining your Bonsai Tree


Welcome to Bonsai Hut

We have a wide range of trees available.
Here is a list of trees we have used to create Bonsai Trees:

Chinese Elm
Wild Fig
Wild Olive
Dwarf lemon Tree
Monkey Thorn
Black Monkey Thorn
Fever Thorn
Sweet Thorn
Dwarf Pomegranate
Weeping Bottle Brush
Mulberry Trees
Chinese Maple Tree
Chinese Juniper
Electic White Kunzea
Haak en Steek (Umbrella Thorn)

We can give you advice on caring for and maintaining your Bonsai Tree. If your Bonsai tree is ill please contact us and we can try and help you, we also have a hospital for all Bonsai trees.
We supply seeds to most of the trees listed here but if we don't have it we will source it for you.
We have a wide range of pots available manufatured locally and some imported from China. These pots are all made from the highest quality materials to suit your every need.

We have a wide range of Trees, Seeds, Pots and tools. If we don't have what you require, Contact us and we will try to source it for you.

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